Wednesday, January 29, 2014

CHA 2014 - Bracelet

Duck Tape . . . it is not just the basic silver stuff that your Dad and Grandpa use to hold things together any more!  There are lots of great colors, patterns, glitter and prism and all kinds of crafty projects you can create with it.  At the Duck Tape booth you could try out some of the fun new colors and patterns by making a braided bracelet.

In this video you can watch me making the Duct Tape Bracelet

We stopped the video a little earlier than we should have . . . so this second video is just catching the stuff that really should have been at the end of the last video.

And here is the finished bracelet again

I also got to bring home some Duck Tape in case I want to make other crafting projects.

Below are the links to the Duct Tape pages
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