Wednesday, February 5, 2014

3M Washi Tape Coffee Sleeve - CHA 2014

We found the 3M booth at CHA, and they had a Make and Take where you could use a variety of Scotch Brand washi tapes to cover a coffee sleeve . . . then you could bring the coffee sleeve back the following day for a free cup of coffee.  Since I know how my Mom needs her morning cup of coffee, I decided to make this coffee sleeve for her.

It was really easy to do.  Take a cardboard coffee sleeve You could save the one you get at your favorite coffee shop with your next cup of coffee.  Cut strips of washi tape in a variety of colors and stick them to the sleeve.  You could stick them on there straight or at an angle like I did.  Continue to add strips of washi tape . . . you can even over lap the pieces a little.  I wrapped the ends to the inside of the coffee sleeve, but if you really wanted to you could trim them off at the top and bottom.

Check out my video to see me making it.

and we cut off a little at the end . . . here is the last part of the video

And since it was for my Mom, I let her put the finished photo on her blog.  She is showing it off with the coffee inside of the sleeve, sitting on the table at the booth she was working at during the show.  You can see that at her blog by clicking HERE.

Here are some links for 3M . . . tell them Beth sent you!

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