Monday, February 10, 2014

Master Magnetics - CHA 2014

How often do you stick a photo or craft project to the refrigerator?  And you want a GOOD strong magnet so that project or photo does not end up on the ground, right?  We got a sample pack of the magnets from Master Magnetics and I can tell you they are STRONG!

They even have a chart on their website to show you which magnet is right for your crafting project . . . from a light weight paper project to a heavy wreath.  Click HERE for that chart.

One of the other products we saw was a printable magnet.  Now there is no need to attach a magnet to the back of your photos or projects . . . just print them right on this magnetic sheeting and the entire surface already has one large magnet on the back!  I wonder if you could print on it and attach things to the FRONT so that you have a custom printed magnet board?  I might need to try that.

Below are a few links to Master Magnetics . . . Tell them Beth sent you!

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